Warranty Policy

This Warranty Offers
  • 13 month free product repair in PRC and spare parts replacement service from the date of shipment ( not including oversee on site service cost and mail cost from client to SENCO-KD) for any failure caused by product manufacturing defeat and
  • Free replacement of crack glassware and crack pieces shall be kept as proof for SENCO-KD’s confirmation.
This Warranty Does Not Apply To
  • Damage caused by improper use of product that disobeys instructions of operation manual
  • Damage caused by customization or intention of repair with no SENCO-KD authority and use of non SENCO-KD parts
  • Damage caused by accident abuse misuse flood earthquake or other external causes
  • Glass crack
  • Damages of electrical and electronic components due to voltage fluctuation
SENCO-KD does not warrant the operation of the product will be uninterrupted or error. SENCO-KD is not responsible for damage or directly or indirectly arising from failure to follow instruction relating to the product’s use other than own value of product
The product may use to deal with dangerous or valued samples solvent. User shall take necessary protection measures and has preparation plan unexpected accident so to avoid extra loss.
AMC is available on paid basis

Warranty Claim

Warranty Part Details