50L, 7+1 neck vacuum reaction flask, complete flange neck w/no glass seizure risk, PTFE valves, PTFE non-dead-angle flush type bottom discharge valve (side discharge type optional at request), Frequency conversion stir with patent inclined stereo-flow stir design,
Adiabatic Bath 180°C with +/-0.2°C intelligent temp. control, 4kW heating power. With dry heating protection.With very good and durable sealing performance.
Various optional functions and accessories available. SUS304 stand  220V, 50/60HzPatent Incline Stir (bidirectional)
– Incomparably perfect stereo-stir performance.

Adiabatic Stand with Intelligent Heating System inbuilt
– Max heating temp. up to 180℃. Digital display of bath temp. and set temp. Can equip cooling coil for bath chilling.
– Equips Over-heat & Dry-heat protectors, ensure safe operation of heating bath.

Reaction flask
– Overall flange connection design, eliminate taper joint seizure which may damage reaction flask.
– Configured: stirring, feeding, reflux condensing, temp. measuring, multi-purpose wide opening and non-liquid-accumulation bottom discharge function;
– Is able to extend more functions like: dripping, bubbling, sample pickup, distilling, rectifying, liquid separation, etc.

Specific Standard Function Introduction
Drip Function
3-hole wide neck cap extending more functions on the neck.
Liquid Separation
Distilling & Receiving
Sample Pickup
Underlay Base optional to enable one-time discharge

1 Reaction Flask (L) 50L, Bottom Discharge
2 Flush Diameter (mm) φ22
3 Neck No. on Reaction Flask 7+1
4 Rotation Speed (rpm) 60-560
5 Nominal Toque (Ncm) 160
6 Dimeter of Stirring Rod (mm) φ12
7 Bath Power (kW) 4
8 Static Temp. Control Range & Wave (℃) 0-180℃ ±0.2
9 Bath Size, Capacity, Material 55×32,70L,SUS304
10 Power 220V,50/60Hz
11 Dimensions (cm) 70x70x205H
1 Frequency Conversion Speed Control
2 Digital Display Taper Temp., Rotation Speed
3 PTFE Seal Assembly
4 PTFE Flush Type Discharge Valve
5 Side Discharge Valve O
6 Charging Valve
7 Temp. Measure Neck
8 Vacuum Meter *
9 Inclined Stereo Stir
10 Auto CW/CCW Stir * O
11 Bath Drain
12 Multi-functional Wide Neck (F120)
13 3-hole Wide Neck Cap
14 Reflux Condensing
15 Distillation Receiving * O 10L
16 Liquid Separation * O
17 Rectification-Receiving * O
18 Drip Set (Present) 0.5L
19 Drip System (5L) O
20 Cooling Coil * O
21 Bath Cap O
22 Sampling Bottle O
23 Low Speed Power Stir * O
24 SUS Stand
25 Underlay Base (20cm) O
26 Bath Liquid Stir * O
27 Bath Heat Isulation *
28 Lockable Wheels *
29 Over-current Protection
30 No-spark Electronic Control
31 Independent Overheat Cut-off
32 Dry Heating Protection
33 Ex-proof / Air driven Motor * O
Symbol Instruction: / – None,  ● – Equipped,  ○ – Optional ( * – Only available when ordering of product, not for separate sale)

Note: Some specifications of relevant or customized models have some differences from that of standard model, for details, please consult with us.