vacuum pump or diaphragm vacuum pump

DryFasteco can provide turn able vacuum to 8mbar. This two stage diaphragm pump would be an excellent choice for wide range of laboratory vacuum applications like Rotary Evaporator, distillation, drying, concentration, filtration, aspiration, etc.

Benefits at a glance:

Dry run and eco friendly pump
A valuable choice of lab vacuum pump
Improved chemical resistance
Small size, light weight, low noise and vibration

Technical Specifications

Nominal Pumping Flow 230V/50 Hz (Regulator Closed) L/min 30
Nominal Pumping Flow 230V/60 Hz (Regulator Closed) L/min 33
Ultimate Vacuum (Regulator Closed) mbar (Torr) 8(6.01)
Power rating 50 Hz W 97.5
Power rating 60 Hz W 134
Motor speed 50 Hz Rpm 1413
Motor speed 60 Hz Rpm 1693
Ambient temperature (operation) °C 10 to 40
Connection ports/Pipe Diameter
3/8” BARB/7mm
Noise level 50 Hz dB (A) <50
Weight Kg 8.8

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